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Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean

The purpose of the Action is to provide a transnational and interdisciplinary approach capable of overcoming the segmentation that currently characterizes the study of relations between Christianity and Islam in late medieval and early modern Europe and the Mediterranean.
Over the last thirty years, some separate geographic and academic areas have been defined in this research field: the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Central Europe and the Balkans, and Greece and the different islands of the Mediterranean. These different geographical areas have been analysed in isolation and have been further disjointed in a scientific context defined by the separation of disciplines and chronologies.
The creation of this network will help to provide a comprehensive understanding of past relations between Christianity and Islam in the European context through the addressing of three main research problems: otherness, migration and borders. Beyond the strictly academic realm, IS-LE also aims to revive diversity and Euro-Mediterranean relations in education, at a moment when Europe is at a cultural and political crossroads.

Recent News

Rethinking Europe’s Early Modern Islamic Legacy

There is, in our time, a tendency to think of the historical interaction between Islam and Christianity in terms of conquest and religious conflict. This, …

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‘El legado islámico en Europa: más intercambio que conflicto religioso’

IS-LE has it’s first presence in the media! Check the article at the famous online platform “The Conversation“

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Welcome Latvia and Finland

Welcome Latvia and Finland: on the 20th of January 2020 two new countries have joined our COST! Welcome Letonia and Finland

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The First International Conference within IS-LE

10th and 11th of January The First International Conference within IS-LE (organised by WG3) will take place in Budapest. For more information visit this page.

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Welcome Egypt

A new country has just joined our COST as a MC Observer! Welcome Egypt! 

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Islamic Legacy: Narratives East, West, South, North of the Mediterranean (1350-1750). A thesaurus under discussion

Deadline: April 1, 2021Date: 7 September 2021Place: Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Scientific Coordinators: Sophia Abplanalp, University of Vienna (sophia.abplanalp@gmail.com), Borja Franco Llopis, UNED, Spain (bfranco@geo.uned.es), Fatih Parlak, Boğaziçi …

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Conference “Iconography and Religious Otherness”

Deadline: January 31, 2021Date: 10-11 June 2021Place: Rijeka (Croatia) Scientific Coordinators: Ivana Čapeta Rakić (icapeta@ffst.hr), Giuseppe Capriotti (giuseppe.capriotti@unimc.it), and Marina Vicelja Matijašić (mvicelja@ffri.hr) CA18129 is …

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