Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the IS-LE activities scheduled for the current year might need to be rescheduled. Please stay tuned to know more about the rescheduling of activities.
Working Groups

WG Activities Schedule

MCM / Core Group WG1 WG2 WG3
  • GP2 Month 18
    Core Group Online Meeting.
  • GP2 Month 23
    Core Group Online Meeting.
  • GP3 Month 26
    Conference: Iconography of Religious Otherness. Co-organized with the Center for Iconographic Studies / IKON.
    Place: Rijeka (Croatia)
  • GP3 Month 26
    Working Group Meeting: MOOC organization.
    Place: Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • GP3 Month 33
    Core Group Online Meeting
  • GP3 Month 31
    Deliverable: IKON Journal Special Issue Proceedings Conference Iconography of Religious Otherness.
  • GP4 Month 37
    Working Group Meeting: Database.
    Place: Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • GP3 Month 38
    Workshop: Outside Perception and Self-Perception of Islam.
    Participant in charge: Luis Bernabé
    Place: Paris (France)

  • GP3 Month 33
    Deliverable: Training School Materials. Borders as lines and borders as zones – separating peoples and religions.
  • GP3 Month 39
    Training School: Borders as lines and borders as zones – separating peoples and religions.
    Place: Lund (Sweeden)
  • GP3 Month 42
    Deliverable: Book submission Images and Borderlands: Early Mediterranean between Christendom and Ottoman Empire.
  • GP4 Month 50
    MCM5 and Final Conference.
  • GP4 Month 45
    Workshop: Negotiating Islamic Legacies in Europe: Concepts, Heritages, and Comparative Approaches.
    Place: Athens (Greece)
  • GP4 Month 52
    Deliverable: Microsite Confronting Borders.
  • GP4 Month 53
    Deliverable: Database Thesaurus.
  • GP4 Month 53
    Deliverable: MOOC.
  • GP4 Month 47
    Training School: Early Modern migration routes and the identity spaces
    Place: Tunis
  • GP4 Month 48
    Workshop: Workshop Movable Objects

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