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Azemmour: sept siècles entre le fleuve et la mer

IS-LE would like to call the attention to the following Exhibition: «Azemmour: sept siècles entre le fleuve et la mer», currently in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Located near the mouth of the Morbeia River, the city of Azamor has always played a role in linking the interior of the territory and the ocean, connecting Morocco with the outside. Its antiquity is clearly evident in its fortifications, streets and houses, but also in important underground traces.

Between 2008 and 2013, a team of archaeologists from CHAM – NOVA FCSH along with Moroccan colleagues, conducted archaeological excavations in Azamor, with the contribution of historians and architects. The research aimed to study the Portuguese presence in the city, framing it in its long past and looking for traces of a common heritage.

This exhibition presents the results of these works, including objects collected from excavations and later conserved, as well as drawings and photographs of the finds. Images of the daily life of the excavation and the local population who so welcomed this project are also presented.

For more detailed information, please visit: www.cham.fcsh.unl.pt

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