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Medworlds Workshop – Coexistence in Practice: Politics, Trade and Culture in the Late Medieval Anatolia and Iberia

IS-LE would like to call the attention to the following open call: Medworlds Workshop – Coexistence in Practice: Politics, Trade and Culture in the Late Medieval Anatolia and Iberia

Deadline: 28 February 2021

Venue: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Valide-i Atik Mh., Eski Toptaşı Cd. No: 91, Uskudar, Istanbul / Turkey

Scope: Stretching along continents, the Mediterranean Sea has played an important role in creating an environment of, voluntary or otherwise, cultural interactions among distinct groups throughout its history. Through the practices of coexistence, peoples of the Mediterranean have built up a common cultural repertoire and tradition. In the late Medieval Mediterranean coexistence was a way of life, as Brian Catlos stated, “encouraging acculturation and communication, but also provoking anxiety and defensiveness” (2014). One can easily find the effects of these interactions in everyday practices of a culture, such as in religion, commerce, art, and education. Coexistence sometimes manifested itself as codependency and collaboration, a way of coping with the complexities in times of wars, epidemics, and various other crises. Throughout the Middle Ages, the Iberian Peninsula and Anatolia were places of conflict, but also of exchange and collaboration between the Islamic and Christian powers that ruled over those territories. Objects, ideas, scripts and people moved beyond cultural and religious borders as booty of conquest and items of trade.

For more information and to send an abstract: https://medworlds.fsm.edu.tr/, and check the PDF.

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