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New Book: ‘Otherness’ in the Middle Ages

This new book is the most extensive collective volume on ‘Otherness’ in the Middle Ages so far. 

The methodological introduction and the 18 contributions of this volume demonstrate the great diversity of the theme and its different manifestations and perspectives. They tackle the problem from distinct angles and disciplines (history, art history, archaeology, literary history, and philology) in a wide chronological and thematic frame, using different methodological approaches, dealing with different areas (from Northern and Southern Europe to Byzantium and India), perspectives (including law, social order, the past, a sea), and diverse kinds of sources. They examine all kinds of ‘Otherness’ mentioned above, highlight demarcation and rejection, aversion or acceptance, assimilation and integration, thus relativizing a strict dichotomy between ‘the Self’ and ‘the Other’ or between inside and outside. This volume is so far the most comprehensive attempt to tackle the huge problem of ‘Otherness’ in the Middle Ages.

The editors: 
Hans-Werner Goetz is professor emeritus of medieval history at the University of Hamburg, Germany
Ian Wood is professor emeritus of medieval history at the University of Leeds

More information under: http://www.brepols.net/Pages/ShowProduct.aspx?prod_id=IS-9782503594026-1

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