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Renaissance Society of America 67th Annual Meeting, in Dublin, Ireland

IS-LE would like to call the attention to the following open call within the Renaissance Society of America 67th Annual Meeting, in Dublin, Ireland  (7–10 April 2021): 

Deadline: 8 August 2020
Scientific Responsible: Mònica Colominas Aparicio (m.colominas.aparicio@rug.nl)
Title: Between Nasrid Granada and Christian Iberia: Minorities, Group ​Boundaries and Political Dominance in the Mediterranean

Scope: This panel proposes to take an international perspective on the actual treatment and living conditions of the Jewish and Muslim minorities in Christian Iberia, and of Jews and Christians in al-Andalus, with a focus on the 15th century. Here,  thinking about religious diversity is understood as part of a language on minorities that is articulated beyond the peninsular borders and includes minorities in other regions of the Mediterranean. Furthermore,  the treatment of religious minorities is not understood as a peripheral issue but as a central one in shaping intra- and inter-territorial alliances at the time, the resolution of political and religious dissidence within the incipient nation-states and the forming of the identity of the majority.

For more info, visit the website: www.rsa.org

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