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Session Organized Within the IMC (International Medieval Conference) in Leeds

Call for Papers: Session organized within the IMC (International Medieval Conference) in Leeds
Topic: “Borders”
Place: Leeds
Date: 6th to the 9th of July 2020.

Session: “Borders  and Otherness in Architecture and Space around the Mediterranean World during the Medieval Period”

Organizer Dr. Maria Portmann
In this session we will reconsider the topic of “borders” within the frame of religious and civil architecture around the Mediterranean world. We will reconsider the place given to “others” in Christian spaces and architecture. We will reconsider the use of “borders” as part of multi-ethnic space, when is related to or have been influenced by Jewish and Muslim Cultures. We will reconsider the tensions between the center and borders as part of a construction of the “self” vs. the “other”, when the “other” is part of a center and the “self” is being part of the “border”.

Deadline: 15th of September.

Please submit a short CV and 200 words (abstract), filling in the form that can be downloaded at: https://we.tl/t-fZUQJ2mmC0

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