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AIHV. Co-organization of panel on Islamic glass in the International Association of History of Glass Conference

From the 14th century onwards, the production of glass and glazes is among the large group of things that are partially considered as an Islamic legacy in Europe. There are well known cases such as the Venetian one, where the transfer of knowledge to produce glass came from the straight connection with Islamic territories, entering in Venice, that ended up mastering it so well that started to produce and export mosque lamps back to Islamic territories. The objective of this session is to learn more about such cases in other geographical areas, extending to the circulation of written sources on the production and commerce of glass and glaze. 

The session will be subordinated to the following:

  • Trading and circulation of glass objects from Europe to Islamic regions and the other way around;
  • The influence that the presence of Islamic glasses left in Europe in terms of shapes, decorative features and employment of determined raw materials;
  • The influence of European shapes, decorative features and employment of determined raw materials in the glass production in Islamic territories.

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