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CA18129 Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM)

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are institutional visits aimed at supporting individual mobility, fostering collaboration between individuals. The Guidelines for Action Management, Monitoring and Assessment should be followed to ensure the proper implementation of this networking instrument (see www.cost.eu/guidelines_Action_management_monitoring_assessment).
STSM applicants must be engaged in an official research programme as a PhD Student or postdoctoral fellow or can be employed by, or affiliated to, an institution, organisation or legal entity which has within its remit a clear association with performing research. The institutions / organisation or legal entity where applicants pursue their main strand of research are considered as Home Institutions. The Host Institution is the institution / organisation that will host the successful applicant.

Deadline: Applications for GP3 should be submitted before February 20, 2023 (results available on February 28, 2023)

The STSM need to be carried out in their entirety within a single Grant Period and always within the Action’s lifetime. In this case, STSM must take place between March 15, 2023 and August 10, 2023.

Financial details:

  • An STSM Grant is a fixed financial contribution which takes into consideration the budget request of the applicant and the outcome of the evaluation of the STSM application. STSM Grants do not necessarily cover all expenses related to undertaking a given mission. A STSM Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the Grantee. 
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 4000 in total can be afforded to each successful applicant (In the event of a high number of applications, the STMS Committee could propose a cap on the maximum allowances in order to provide more grants).  
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 300 can be afforded for travel costs. 
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 130 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses in ITC countries, up to a maximum of EUR 160 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses in other countries. 
  • Specific provisions have been introduced to enable researchers from ITC participating in the Action to request a pre-payment of 50% of their STSM Grant when they complete the first day of their STSM. In such case, the representative of the Host Institution must confirm by e-mail to the Grant Holder that the STSM applicant has officially started the mission on day 1. Only then the Grant Holder can arrange the payment of 50% of the STSM grant. The remaining 50% of the Grant is payable once the administrative requirements have been satisfied after the STSM. 
  • As a consequence of the Covid pandemic, travel may be restricted; other restrictions may also be imposed. Therefore, all bookings, with regard to both travelling and accommodation, must be refundable, and a free cancellation option is a prerequisite of any reservation, as in no case will COST reimburse expenses incurred if a mission is not carried out. Cancellation insurances are eligible travel expenses.  

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