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Conference “Handbook on the Later Crusades”

Deadline: November 1, 2020
Dates: 13-14 July 2021
Place: Frankfurt (Germany)
Scientific Coordinators: Magnus RESSEL (ressel@em.uni-frankfurt.de) and Emir O. FILIPOVIC (emirofilipovic@gmail.com)

Scope: In the last decades, research on the “Later Crusades” has increased significantly. As a result of this a new consensus among researchers has been reached which considers that the crusading movement did not stop after the year 1400. Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe continued to be profoundly influenced by crusading desires across denominational boundaries and through all levels of society. The impact became certainly less “visible” as the centuries after 1400 no longer saw the dispatch of large international armies that had the specific goal of liberating Jerusalem. Yet, apart from the still manifold military activities, the crusading discourse retained a powerful influence and it profoundly shaped not only the European but also the Muslim societies that responded with their own (re-)conceptualization of a holy or just war.

Deadline and details: This call for papers is now open for those researchers who are interested to participate in the conference. They are invited to submit their proposals with a title, an abstract (no more than 500 words) and a brief bio (maximum of 15 lines) before November 1, 2020 to: Dr. Magnus RESSEL (ressel@em.uni-frankfurt.de) or Dr. Emir O. FILIPOVIC (emirofilipovic@gmail.com). 

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