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Dialogues in the Late Medieval Mediterranean: Methodological Encounters and (Dis)Encounters

Workshop “Dialogues in the Late Medieval Mediterranean: Methodological Encounters and (Dis)Encounters

Deadline: 22nd of October 2019
Dates: 27th January 2020
Place: Casa Árabe, Madrid (Spain)
Scientific Coordinator: María MARCOS COBALEDA (mmcobaleda@uma.es), Borja FRANCO LLOPIS (bfranco@geo.uned.es)

Scope: The aim of this workshop is to launch a methodological exchange forum to analyze the panorama of the late medieval Mediterranean from different and complementary perspectives. During the last years, an increased number of projects focused on the relations between East and West, Christianity and Islam or North Africa and Al-Andalus had emerged in the international scenario. In the framework of these current research projects, this workshop has been proposed to achieve two main objectives: to create a dialogue space to share the recent research results of these projects, as well as to establish new research networks integrated by senior and young researchers which allow the development of multidisciplinary research lines about the late Middle Ages.

Deadline and details: This call for papers is now open for those researchers who are interested to participate in the workshop. They are invited to submit their proposals with a title, an abstract (no more than 300 words) and a brief bio (maximum of 10 lines) to Dr María MARCOS COBALEDA (mmcobaleda@uma.es) and Dr Borja FRANCO LLOPIS (bfranco@geo.uned.es) before the next October 22, 2019.

Once the proposals are accepted, the participants must send a position paper of 5 pages within a month before the event at the latest (December 27 2019). The position paper should discuss the most relevant aspects of the participants’ research methodology in relation to the topic. The position papers will be discussed in the workshop from 10-minutes presentations in English.

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