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Early Modern migration routes and the identity spaces

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The training school and materials treat the migration of Moriscos and Sefardic Jews to the Ottoman Empire and Europe. They are supposed to study the acculturation between the immigrants and local societies, but also how each group has established their borders or their spaces of identity.

  • The migration routes or the context of each migration (forced in the case of the Moriscos and the Sefardic Jews who were expelled from Spain and Portugal, as well optional or voluntary in the case of the Jews of Livorno or even the Moriscos who chose to change their country of residence). 
  • The identity spaces, in the way of the acculturation or the open identity spaces, and the closed identity spaces.
  • Planned visit to Testour (Morisco town) as a very good example of the acculturation and the conservation of identity.

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