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Working Groups

WG2 - Migration and identity:
National identities, local identities, religious identities

The purpose of this WG is to spur debate on how migratory flows of Christians in Islamic territories, and vice-versa, influenced the shaping of the identities of the host peoples and immigrants during the Middle Ages and early modern period. This will look at exile, expulsions, gender issues, and simple population movements.

Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.
Research Field 1

a) Soldiers, prisoners, converts, renegades and the expelled: permeability among moving groups

Common research questions: how wars and religious policies on acculturation for Islam influenced population migration and the fluidity of identity? what happens if we compare conversion/migration from Christianity to Islam and the reverse, analysing survival strategies on both sides?

Research Field 2

b) Trade and migration

Common research question: A very important phenomenon in the Mediterranean was an often highly profitable trans cultural trade, mostly made possible by different diasporas, what then was the role of trade in population movement and in creating identities? The principal centres of migration and trade will be looked at, mapping the degree of the interactions.

Research Field 3

c) Moving scriptures

Common research question: how and why Islamic manuscripts spread in Europe? Movement of Korans through the continent. Historiography on this process.

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