Working Groups

WG 3 - Beyond Borders

This WG will be responsible for debating the concept of borders, value and representation during the late Middle Ages and early modern period.

Note: activities are still subject to changes and more information will be soon uploaded.
Research Field 1

a) The concept of border

The concept of border. Legal frameworks between countries. Permeability of borders. Common research questions: how borders were viewed in relation to the ‘other’ in each European country, contrasting Muslim and Christian perspectives? What can we learn from legal and literary sources on this issue in different territories?

  • COST Meetings
    International conference: Visible and invisible borders in the premodern.
  • COST Training Schools
    Training School: Borders as lines and borders as zones separating peoples and religions.
Research Field 2

b) The representation of borders

The representation of borders. Common research questions: how have borders been represented in each tradition? What symbols were used to represent them and how did they influence the shaping of otherness? How could we merge approaches grounded in cultural history, art history and literature to asses this issue?

  • Deliverables
    Production of a book resulting from the Workshop.
  • COST Meetings
    One Workshop: The Adriatic Basin in the early modern era between "Islamophobia" and "Islamophilia".
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